A Little About Us

Longhorn Lockers is a distributor of all sizes, shapes, and many brands of lockers. With over 40 years under our belt, we are the premier custom built locker company in the country delivering the very best in quality standards.

We’ve worked on some of the most prestigious locker rooms in the nation from championship professional and collegiate programs to high schools too numerous to list. 

Contact Longhorn Locker Company for your new locker project, install, service job, or consult. Give us the opportunity to help you build the most functional locker room you can imagine.



John Allen put his remodeling business on hold and started a locker company in his barn. Longhorn Lockers started out as John Allen Construction Co. This business offered the assembly and installation of steel lockers for various manufacturers in the North Texas area. The whole family was involved and this is where Sam Allen started his locker career, installing and building lockers on different projects.


The locker company was sold and John began installing high end wood lockers in Country Clubs and Fitness Centers. Traveling extensively during the 90’s and early 2000’s John Allen construction installed lockers in some of the most prestigious PGA and Country Clubs in America.


After serving in the Marines, Sam Allen returned into the Locker Industry. The Longhorn Locker Company began in the early 2000s. The name was officially changed to Longhorn Locker Company LLC and incorporated in 2005.