Los Angeles Rams

The practice facility for the Rams hasn’t been touched since the team made the move from St. Louis back in 2016. Recently, the entire locker room was gutted and completely revamped, with upgrades being made across the board. If it could be improved, it looks like the Rams took the time to make it happen. New lockers, seating, lightning, flooring, the whole dang thing is brand-spanking new. Although the team is planning to begin the new era of Rams football with a new stadium, the team’s headquarters are remaining in Thousand Oaks at Cal Lutheran. A few exquisite details include the chrome detailing around the edges, including the name plates.

Upon entering the Los Angeles Rams’ locker room, the first thing that jumps out is that there are no orthodox “lockers”. Instead, each player has a hole in the wall that acts almost like their own personal closet. Each “locker” is blocked off by dividers that are similar in size and style to flags. Each player’s name has been typed out on a sign above their locker in big letters. The middle of the room is completely open. Each locker is built into the wall, setting up a perimeter of lockers that circle the room.