Texas Football 

The custom-designed lockers cost roughly $8,700 each. Helmets sit on cooling fans to dry, 37-inch TV’s tower above each locker displaying the athlete’s photos and names, and each player can access their belongings with a pin-pad safe. A lot of locker rooms have the team logo on the floor. The Longhorns now have a glowing Bevo on the ceiling.The Longhorns run a top-notch program both on and off the field, which is sure to help with recruiting for years to come.

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$7 million of what UT spent went to the football locker room alone. “They’re state-of-the-art.” “It’s a bit of an arms race, I think as everyone kind of knows when it comes to facilities.”

The 2017 renovation of the University of Texas locker rooms started with a dismantling of their existing facility. Then Coach Tom Herman hefted a sledge hammer and made sure the players and staff were fully engaged in the moment, “We’re committed to giving you guys the best facilities in America. And that starts right now, so I’m going to take a swing. And seniors, you get a little ceremonial swing, too.”

Every aspect of the renovation was designed to make UT facilities reflect the university’s commitment to continued excellence throughout the program.

Every aspect of the lockers, every design element, every piece of furniture, and every lighting sequence was carefully chosen to set a new standard of excellence. For many players this place exceeds their wildest expectations, giving them a genuine home-away-from-home.